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Asherman's Syndrome...that is a dirty word in my house. 

I had a very large baby that was quite eventful.  To make a long story very short and sweet, my monthly offerings were not the same.  My OBGYN suggested a D&C to "restart" my cycle.  For three years following I didn't have my cycle, which at the time was GREAT!  I had gotten divorced from my beautiful daughters father and vowed to never remarry again...well that didn't work. :)

I married a wonderful man that loves my daughter as much as he loves me.  He had never been married and had no children.  Of course, this is when I started thinking I should check out why I had not had a period for 3 years. 

Much to my surprise, I was diagnosed with Asherman's Syndrom...I was so scarred that they couldn't even perform a SIS, SHG.  I have had over 30 surgeries, none that corrected AS.  We attempted IVF three times and surrogacy once with my sister in law.  All failed outcomes.

Hi Karen,

We hate Asherman's over here too. It's not a death sentence like a disease but I consider it a life sentence since it means we can't do what nature intended...create life!


Since you were allowed to do IVF, which I was not, does that mean you got your scarring almost gone? How did the surrogacy fail? Did she just not get pregnant? Or was it due to egg quality? Are you considering finding another surro?

No, Dr. O found a small opening of chance when my lining was over 5mm and there was about 40% of my uterus open...we took it and ran...three times.  Egg quality is great..we had some wonderful looking embabies, we put back 3 two times and 4 the last time and then 2 in my sister in law. 

I believe there were a lot of factors as to why the surrogacy failed...nothing that had to do with our embryos.  I believe there was a bit of regret offering to be our surrogate.  She had found out AFTER she offered that if she gave birth it would be her last due to too many c-sections...incidently, they ended up pregnant the very next month.  :(

We would love to seek surrogacy, funds are not available at this time...we have spent everything we have on the IVF's and surrogacy so far.  It is a very expensive process that has taken a very large toll on our lives.

At this point, we are not sure of the amount of scarring left in my utuers...my guess would be very high percentage...60-70%.  I tend to rescar very quickly.

Crazy all that you have been through. I'm so sorry. My doc was able to cut a lot open but after 2 weeks most grew back so I had about half a uterus open. Tubes still blocked. He never gave me the option of trying to conceive. He did mention adoption a few time though! I have no issues there but thought it was insensitive given how hard we wanted to get pregnant on our own.

Oh my! Yes!  My local university mentioned surrogacy right off.  We were not against it of course but it was very early in diagnosis...we wanted to try!  Dr. O was great, gave us the information and let us decide how we wanted to proceed.  It was a lot of traveling, which was costly, but we wouldn't take it back for nothing...we know in our hearts that we tried everything.

Don't ever let someone tell you when you are done...fight til YOU are done.

Hey Karen,

How have things been?


Just found this site...I have a similar story to Karen, although not as severe as hers. My husband and I were married for 5 years before we finally decided to start trying. We got pregnant the second month. Had a great pregnancy, carried to full term and gave birth no problem. An hour after I gave birth was when everything came crashing down. I had a 5mm internal laceration of my uterus and started hemorrhaging. So there was no choice but to perform an emergency D&C as I was dying. I was sent home a couple days later but continued to bleed and pass large clots for the next 6 weeks. At my 6 wk pp checkup I hemorraghed again during the exam, this time in my OBGYN's office and they had to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital for yet another D&C. 


When my daughter turned 1, I finally started my period up. Only they were extremely painful and super light, almost non-existent really. I thought maybe this was the new normal. I continued this way for 6 months and then decided to get it checked out. The next 6 months were one doctor visit after another. I finally ended up with a reproductive endocrinologist who diagnosed me with Ashermans and recommended a hysteroscopy with laproscopy to correct the internal scarring that had occured in my uterus as a result of the 2 D&C's that I had. It's been two weeks since my surgery and I am on estrace (estrogen) to get the lining of the uterus to "recarpet." Have to stay on estrogen for 2 more weeks, then after that will be on estrogen and progesterone for 7 days. Just wondering if anyone else on here has had the surgery and had success. From what my RE told me, My Asherman's wasn't severe so I feel hopeful but I just won't know if it has been a success until I get pregnant.

Wow Dawn! That is quite a story. I hope your "recarpeting" is successful! Glad to hear your Asherman's isn't severe. Keep us posted on your follow up. And don't be alarmed if the estrogen makes you more hormonal. Totally normal!

Just had to come back and give an update. Finished up the 5 week round of hormones to get my uterus back to normal. Was given the green light to start trying last month and we got pregnant right away! I am beyond excited, it still doesn't really feel real but I have taken 4 pregnancy tests and gone in to see the RE for a blood test, all of which confirmed we are pregnant! My RE has been amazing through this whole process, so glad I found him...he is going to monitor the pregnancy for the first 8 weeks to make sure my levels are stable and after I make it through the first trimester he will hand me over to a regular OBGYN for the remainder of the pregnancy. 

Marni (Matched IM) said:

Wow Dawn! That is quite a story. I hope your "recarpeting" is successful! Glad to hear your Asherman's isn't severe. Keep us posted on your follow up. And don't be alarmed if the estrogen makes you more hormonal. Totally normal!

Hi Dawn,

That is great news and very encouraging for those who wonder if they will ever get pregnant after an Asherman's diagnosis. Keep us posted on everything. That's definitely something to be thankful for!



Hi there! My name is Carly. I'm 27 and have a beautiful baby boy named Gabriel. He was born on November 14, 2010 via C-section after many hours of pushing, but no progression. Then all hell broke loose. Long story short, because it has been almost a year and a half of constant Dr. appts, surgeries, and a lot of "hurry up and waits".  I was soooo sick when I came home from the hospital..very foul discharge, fever, extreme fatigue. I called my Dr's office at least every other day, and they assured me I was fine. Well, 3 1/2 weeks later, I got up one morning to pee and I went to wipe and I felt a big "tug" and it was a big blood clot attached to a suture..still attached inside me..hanging out like a tampon string! I called my Dr. right away and they told mem to come in ASAP. So I did...and I saw an OB/GYN in the practice I went to and she did an exam! She said I had a terrible infection and she couldn't determine the point of origin of the suture, so she referred me to the ER. I went to the ER and Dr's examined me numerous times (OUCH!) and did a CT scan with no answers. The Dr's contemplated doing a hysteroscopy at that point and time to see where this random suture was attached to, but instead, they just did a normal exam and cut the suture at the highest point they could see, and put me on antibiotics, and sent me on my way. By day 2 of the antibiotics, there was no ounce of anything coming out of me anymore...so everything that was, was pure infection (YUCK) Anyways, I felt better and just moved on with life. I went back to work, and at work one day, I thought "Hmm...it's been about 4 months and I haven't breast fed in a while, I wonder where my period is" I never had a problem with regularity before. So, I called the same Dr office and they put me on Provera. I took it for 10 days and told them it felt like I was having an awful period, but I didn't have any blood. So, they proceded to put me on it again, with the same scenario. My Dr. ordered bloodwork...all levels were normal. I saw another Dr. in that group that was a real jerk, who said me having the issues I had after birth, would have nothing to do with not getting a cycle and to start taking the birth control pill and I would resume normal menses in a few months, he was confident about it. I told him I hoped he was right bc I dont' want anything to be wrong, but why would a period inducing pill not bring it on, but BC would?! Common sense. Despite my doubts I did what he said and took the pill...with no period of course. He told me I could get an ultrasound, but he bet it would be normal...which it was. I was BEYOND tired of getting strung along by this certain group of doctors, so I switched. I made an appointment and within 20 minutes of seeing her, she said I think you have Asherman's syndrome and I want you to get an HSG test done. So I did. During the test, the dye wasn't able to even go into my uterus bc it was scarred shut. They referred me to a fertility reproductive endocrinologist who then did a hysteroscopy and laproscopy in Sept. He put me on Premarin for 30 days and Provera from days 16-25 of Premarin. They weren't able to insert a balloon bc it wouldn't fit. No period after surgery. Went back to get a sonoHSG, and he said he made some progress but it was still very scarred. He scheduled surgery again on Feb 7th and was able to insert a balloon catheter this time and I was on 2 antibiotics along with the same hormonal therapy as stated above...plus a higher dose of Premarin though. I am still on the estrogen/progesterone and will finish in about 9 more days. I just went back last week to have the catheter and packing removed and went for a follow up discussion a few days ago. The Dr's are hopeful but are leaning more towards the end of not being able to help me any further if this surgery didn't take. They talked to me about exploring my other options like surrogacy and/or adoption. My husband and I are heartbroken. We want more children, and to give Gabriel brothers and/or sisters. We are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Either way, it will all work out. We are open to surrogacy and adoption, so Gabriel will get a little sibling either way :-)   It's just a hard pill to swallow...and I feel very bitter because I know this all could have been prevented. Asherman's, as you all know, is very uncommon. But even in the "common" realm of the Asherman's world....I am rare. I didn't aquire AS from a D and C, mine was bc of a severe, untreated infection and foreign object. I just feel that if Dr's would have taken me seriously and treated me sooner, I wouldn't be in this position right now. Or at least maybe not with such a severe case of Asherman's. I try to take it one day at a time, and that's all you can do...but I have my moments. If there is anyone out there that has any information on anything I talked about, or any similarities to me...please message me! I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much!

Hi Carly,

I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. It is totally a hard pill to swallow :(

I'm the creator of this website and got my Asherman's after my son was 3 weeks old. It's just not fair! That was in 2008. We are now expecting a child with our amazing surrogate. It was such a journey to get to this point but we are here! I'm happy to help where I can. I wanted to create a place for people to get information about surrogacy and other means of creating a family. Thanks for Bridging with us!

I sent you a link to the Asherman's group but here it is again: http://bridgetobaby.com/group/ashermanssyndrome

Talk soon!


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