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New Blog at Bridge To Baby: Beyond Infertility

Welcome to the new blog for Bridge To Baby which will focus on issues related to life after infertility, parenting while going through infertility and beyond! This is very exciting and a long time coming.

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What are the attributes to look for in a good surrogate?

The relationship between Intended Parents, IP’s, and a Surrogate has the potential to be very stressful, and if the match of the IP’s and the Surrogate is not good, there is the potential for a very antagonistic relationship with the person who is carrying your baby. Once you have chosen a surrogate, and she becomes pregnant, it is a relationship that you must sustain until the baby is born.

From the surrogate’s perspective, many surrogates choose to work only through an…


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A Family of their Own Greater Washington, DC Converence May 12th!

Are you or someone you know trying to have A Family of their Own? Family Forward Surrogacy and Bridge To Baby are proud to be participating at the upcoming Family of My Own Fertility & Adoption Conference on Saturday, May 12 at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner in McLean, VA.

Join us from 8:00am – 2:30pm for…


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Understanding IVF Costs, Health Care Costs and other Fees Associated with a Surrogacy Arrangement

An overall family building plan should be developed as soon as a couple learns of the infertility diagnosis. All too often we see couples who have spent all of their savings on IVF treatments before considering surrogacy or donor egg. It is important to set a limit of how many IVF cycles will be performed before pursuing third party reproduction options such

as donor egg and/or surrogacy.


IVF Costs:

In order to keep IVF costs down,…


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Infertility Treatment Savings with a Flexible Spending Account

Now is a great time to strongly consider participating in a healthcare flexible spending account (FSA).  With the impending Family Act and many people not having insurance coverage for infertility related expenses, how can we get a break and save on infertility related expenses?  HEALTHCARE FLEXIBLE SPENDING…


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Surrogacy Agency or No Agency? That is the question.

Deciding to embark on a surrogacy journey is a major commitment both financially and emotionally. You will be going through a very complex and life altering experience with someone you have only just met. The surrogate will be going through the physically and emotionally taxing experience of giving birth with the additional stress of undergoing this pregnancy and birth for another family, and having to separate from the baby after she has carried it for nine months. In addition, the…


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