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FREE 7-day Challenge to Help Baby Loss Moms Face Mother's Day

Finding My Muchness has created a FREE 7-day challenge designed to help baby loss moms face Mother’s Day this year with a new sense of promise, confidence and optimism. Learn more and sign up here: …


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Exercise Tips while TTC

When trying to conceive or going through fertility treatment it's almost impossible to stay motivated to eat right and exercise; both crucial in increasing fertility and going on to having a healthy pregnancy and baby. Add those crazy hormones like estrogen and progesterone that make you feel like crap, doesn't help either. But we all know, eating right and getting your body moving is the…


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Get Organized while TTC

Being organized is important for you emotionally whether you are thinking about becoming of mom, in the middle of trying to have a child or have a child already. It is more than just having an orderly desk and being able to know where your favorite shirt is located. Being organized can reduce your stress, help bring clarity to decision-making and overall create a calmer environment at home and at work.…


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Simplify Your Infertility

The fertility journey is overwhelming. My new and old friends in the infertility community are always working hard to make your life easier when it comes to trying to conceive or if you are going through intensive treatment. We want to help YOU based on our real-life, personal experiences.


I'm happy to announce another…


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Fertile Food Delivered to Your Door

There have been several times I've walked through Trader Joes or Whole Foods and walked out empty handed. I have all the intentions of buying healthy food but with the steeper price tag at those more designer grocery stores I just can't commit. I spend a lot, I mean, a lot of money at the grocery store so I really have to budget especially when it comes to high high price of organic foods.


That's why I'm so excited…


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Save the Date: Twitter Support Chat This Sunday!

I love twitter! Especially for infertility. It has been great for finding others going through the same struggles and also as a networking tool for business. I personally manage a handful of Twitter accounts through my consulting business and find it the best for connecting with people; far better than Facebook. You can create an anonymous account specific to your journey and participate in chats around different infertility topics like one this…


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Getting Started with Twitter to Support Your Fertility Journey

Technology plays a huge role in almost every aspect of our lives. We can read the latest news instantly from a palm sized computer any time we want. We can connect with complete strangers and form emotional bonds via Twitter to support us along troubling times and know, especially with infertility, that we are not alone.

If you haven’t joined the social media trend I suggest you do. It can be done completely anonymously and will open the doors to information about…


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Wild caught or farm raised salmon for fertility?

Salmon is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and it's recommended by multiple sources to consume it twice a week. But did you know there are two types of salmon? Wild-caught and farm raised and one may be better than the other for your healthy diet.  Let's break it down...


Let's look at the two types of salmon…


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My Fertile Food App: Reporting Feature Released

Bridge To Baby's My Fertile Food app for iPhone and iPad has gone through a few upgrades recently. We've had a lot of great feedback about how useful the app is but that there were a few features missing. I've been working hard these last few months to create these features and release a new updated version of that app. Those of you who already have it don't have to worry about paying for it again. Just be sure to…


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My Interview with Dr. Abbasi: Diminished Ovarian Reserve or DOR

I had the pleasure of doing a video interview with Dr. Abbasi of Columbia Fertility Associates a couple weeks ago. As an Expert Bridger on Bridge To Baby she has been providing great content in her blog. She expressed interest in discussing DOR in more detail so a video interview seemed appropriate.


She feels that many women come into her clinic at an older age and are surprised that their chances of having…


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Always a Bridesmaid Never a Bride...Infertility Style

I'm happy to announce I'm an Aunt again! That makes 12 nieces and nephews in all. I'm beyond happy for my brother and sister-in-law as they embark on parenthood again for the 3rd time. They deserve this happiness.


It's still bittersweet of course. Seems like everyone and their grandmother is pregnant these days. Lots of our friends are having their thirds and we seem to be only backtracking. But that's just how it goes. I have my amazing miracle son who is almost 5 and my…


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Apocalypse or Just A Day In The Life Of The Infertile?

It's been a remarkably stressful few months, personally and professionally. This year is finally coming to a close, and for me, that's a really good thing. It's been a year of tragedy with the preterm loss of our daughter and tragedy of trying to find the answers as to why it went down this horrible path. But out of this tragedy came a lot of amazing perspective and hope, drive and validation that I want to continue to help others dealing with infertility and loss and raise…


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Selective Reduction and Surrogacy

Considering surrogacy to create your family? There are many issues and topics to think about as you embark on the route to baby via a gestational carrier. Things you wouldn't normally have to think about months and even a year in advance of conception.

Maybe one of the hottest topics for discussion when considering surrogacy is selective…


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It's Alive! The New and Improved My Fertile Food Website

I've been working hard on upgrades to my iPhone/iPad app, My Fertile Food. Call it what you want but it's been a great distraction from a heartbreaking summer losing our daughter via surrogacy to preclampsia and preterm birth. It has almost a year since my IVF cycle. Somewhat hard to fathom. I have been feeling stronger and even more motivated to make a difference in the infertility community. Since day one I have always wanted to help others going through what I have and I will continue to…


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My Fickle Infertility Journey: Asherman's Syndrome & Surrogacy

Our infertility roller-coaster took a drastic turn this year. We were on the steady up and down, stomach dropping in a consistent rhythm until BAM! The ride took us to a dark place, lights out, upside down, screaming. We lost our baby we were so close to having home. Our baby via a gestational carrier after years of infertility due to Asherman's…


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Guiliana and Bill Surrogate Baby Watch

Guiliana Rancic and her husband Bill are currently in Denver waiting on the arrival of their first child, a son via gestational surrogacy. I am beyond excited to hear the news that their son has arrived and that they are FINALLY parents. Something they have been hoping for for so long after so much.



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My heart is broken into a million pieces

This is the best way to describe how I have been feeling lately. It feels as if my heart was ripped out of me and broken in to tiny bits and pieces that look impossible to put back together.

Our journey dealing with infertility has been comprised of years of struggles. Dealing with surgeries to attempt to carry a child again on my own and then finally making the plunge into surrogacy to find someone willing to sacrifice their time and body to bring our child into the…


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The birth of our daughter...our micro preemie

This post is not a positive blog post like I want all my posts to be but the reality of infertility and surrogacy is that it isn't always a pretty picture and a perfect story-book ending.

On May 17th, our daughter was born at a mere 1.6 pounds, 11 inches long at 25 weeks and 6 days gestation. My husband got a call from our surrogate that she had been admitted to the hospital. When I arrived home my husband broke the news to me gently, "don't freak out, but she's in…


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Top 5 Favorites for Trying to Conceive

Feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of information out on the internet about trying to conceive? It can feel like information overload. The best advice is to focus on a well rounded approach; charting, diet, supplements, exercise and stress reduction. Of course, always consult with your doctor before making any major changes to your lifestyle.


Top 5 favorites for trying to conceive:



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Exciting Day in Infertility Land

Today begins National Infertility Awareness Week, April 22-28. The theme last year had to do with busting an infertility myth. This year it's Don't Ignore Infertility.  NIAW asks that people help raise awareness "to educate millions of people about a disease that is…


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